Monday Video Roundup: Weird Part of Youtube Edition

If you’ve ever gone through a long YouTube marathon at night, you must have found yourself watching and getting indulged in some seriously strange videos which you never thought you wanted to watch. Some videos are a bit more weird than that. For today’s video roundup, let us take a look at those dark corners of Youtube. Here are some of videos for you, straight from that weird part of YouTube.

Conan O’Brien, Maria Menounos Interview: Fartemus Dingleberry

This YouTuber edits videos to make people in them headless. Check out his other crazy edits as well.

Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour: Seinfeldspitstain


Jelly Belly Pet Rat Gummi Candy: Runforthecube

Okay, so I don’t have any idea what language this is. I mean, it’s probably English, but I am not sure. This person’s voice may make you feel uncomfortable, so be prepared for that.

We Could Have Caught ‘Em All: Goldram

This is glorious.

Then I don’t need a jacket TETRIS VERSION: PaweL Czy

Thanks, Arthur.

Dog of Wisdom: Joe Gran

I don’t have any idea why I watch this every other week. A famous gem straight from the weird part of YouTube.

final2: Poopri

An Indian’s take on Harry Potter.


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