Webcomics Wednesday

Webcomics are awesome. They’re a great medium for artists and writers to take advantage of unlimited possibilities and show some truly innovative storytelling. Here’s your weekly dose of some incredible webcomics that will make your day (Slightly NSFW).

Extra Fabulous Comics:

ZMS, or Zack is simply hilarious and deserves a heck load of applauds.

EXTRA Fabulous!


A lot of people find him funny, some don’t. Personally, I find his webcomics amusing.



Memorize the name, or bookmark her Tumblr. Because you’ll really want more after reading these.

Floccinaucinihilipilificationa dump.


A blissful webcomic that is centered around a father and his son. Heartwarming and funny at the same time, these ones will surely put a smile on your face.

Some of my favourite comics of lunarbaboon

Dorris Mccomics:

Some of these Alex Norris‘s witty webcomics will crack you up.

16 ways to Dorris McComics

Adarsh Balak:

One of the few webcomics from India. Many of the non-Indian readers will have no freaking clue about a couple of them. Still worth sharing.

Adarsh Balak comics

 The Awkward Yeti:

Pretty well-known guy.

Awkward Yeti Teeth Comics

Kerry Callen:

Superheroes doing super things.

Kerry Callen’s Super Antics

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