Tuesday Imgur Hunt

A weekly list of some really cool GIFs, albums and photographs found at the home of the most awesome images on the internet.

Stop Motion Super Mario On cake:

Just do all the music and sound effects in your head.

Stop-Motion Super Mario Bros. Level 1-1 on a cake


one pls.

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Superhero Facts:

In being absorbed into highbrow literary discourse, the comic book form is often treated, at best, as a version of the prose novel. These facts simply show how comic books are not limited to action-oriented superhero stories, and how well-thought and executed they are as literature.

Superhero Facts

Spongebob Time Cards:

A collection of SpongeBob SquarePants time cards. Fun Fact: They were identified as time cards by Patrick in an episode called Wet Painters when he told SpongeBob to hurry up since he was out of time cards, breaking the fourth wall.

Every Spongebob time card so far

Google features:

This album may be a bit boring to some, but these features sure are pretty handy. Bonus: Check out this great article about Google Easter eggs.

Amazing Google features

Photos from north Korea:

This one is old, but still pretty great. Long story short, this guy ventured to North Korea six times. Thanks to digital memory cards, he was able to save photos that he was forbidden to take or was told to delete by the minders.

North Korea

relaxing GIFs:

Truly amazing art style. I can’t exactly point out what is so relaxing about them, but they just are.

Some very relaxing .gifs I thought you’d enjoy.

Harry Potter posts dump:

For Potterheads, by Potterheads. Collection of a plethora of Harry Potter related posts and fan theories.

Potter Post -4- (Dump)

Illustrated version of The last question:

One of the greatest achievements of Asimov in illustrated form. For those who haven’t read the original version, this will surely blow your minds. A great treat for Asimov fans and the ones who’ve already read it.

The Last Question


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