Monday Video Roundup: So Bad It’s Good Edition

Sometimes we find a piece of content entertaining because it is a quality work of art, the other times we find amusement in what is obviously a crappy creation. Entertainment doesn’t have a standard definition.  For today’s video round-up, let’s take a look at such videos. Every video is so bad it’s good.

Top That: Teen Witch

This movie took every 80’s teen movie cliché and took it all the way up to an eleven. On the other hand, look at how funky he is! You’ll never be this hip.

Oh my god: Troll 2

This is glorious.

Hi doggy: The Room

Using any scene from this movie in a so bad it’s good list is basically cheating, because every single scene from this movie is a gem. This scene in particular is talked way less than the famous ‘Hai Mark‘ scene. But in terms of awesomeness, it is right next to it. Tommy Wiseau shows us how to skip through a conversation with an NPC in a video game.

It’s my Life: Vennu Mallesh

India’s answer to Taher Shah.

KRK doing his stuff: Deshdrohi

Stick with this one till the end. You’re about to witness one of the greatest scenes in Bollywood history.

Garbage Day: Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

A classic one.

Sunday morning love you: Bhim Niroula

A Nepali guy talks about his love. Fabulous.

Not the bees: The Wicker Man

How can this list be complete without this guy?

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