Monday Video Roundup

Sit back and enjoy some great videos I found this week. Here’s another Monday Video Roundup for you all.

We GOTTA get Spongebob back: Joe Gran

Just don’t ask me how I ended up on this video.

Getaway car: Malcolm (1986)

Do yourself a favor and watch the entire movie as well. It has a lot of cool stuff like this.

Bertrand Russell: Aman (1967)

Bertrand Russell’s only appearance in a feature film was in a Bollywood movie called Aman, where he made a cameo appearance playing himself.

The Joy of Mario Making: A dumb thing

A Bob Ross parody in which instead of happy little trees and clouds, he makes little magic guys, thwomps, and ledges to nowhere.

McEnRoe tantrums

Some famous John McEnroe tantrums on the court.

Wor: Django Django

Django Django became obsessed by the famous Indian Well of Death riders in Allahabad. So, for their track ‘WOR’, they collaborated with Noisey to film this mesmerizing piece.

This too shall pass: OK GO

This is fantastic! OK GO has some pretty good music videos, but this one is on an entirely different level.


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